Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tooth stay in place?

The tooth is securely held in place by the patented construction technique described in the instructions. Simply speaking, it's held in place by a wedging effect between the teeth on each side.

Is it safe to wear the temporary tooth to bed?

We do not recommend that you wear your new temporary tooth while sleeping. If made correctly, your tooth should be easy to remove and we recommend that you do so before sleeping.

How long can I expect the replacement tooth to last?

The tooth you create can last for months and you can always make a second, third, or fourth one if you wish to have a backup. But, keep in mind this is meant to be a temporary and cosmetic solution.

Can you make more than one cosmetic temporary tooth from the tooth material received?

Yes, there is enough material included to make approximately 10 new teeth.

Is the material the new tooth is made from safe to wear in my mouth?

Yes.  The material is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

I need to replace a missing tooth. Can I eat while wearing the temporary tooth?

We do not recommend eating with your Temptooth in place. If made correctly, it will be removable, so you can take it out before eating. Also, it will preserve the color longer, not exposing it to food and drink.

I noticed that the newly created tooth is very white and my teeth are a little yellow. Can the tooth be colored for a better match?

Yes. We have a recommendation on how you can safely color the material to better match your teeth. This procedure is explained in the instructions you'll receive with the material.

Does this product work for emergency tooth repair on my real teeth?

Temptooth is not recommended for emergency tooth repair, such as a filling falling out or a broken tooth. It is meant to temporarily replace a completely missing tooth and is for cosmetic purposes.

Can I replace more than one tooth?

Yes, but the missing teeth can not be next to each other. You need to have an immediate tooth on each side of the missing tooth for our construction technique to work properly.

Does Temptooth work for both top and bottom teeth?

Yes, Temptooth can be used to replace any single missing tooth, top or bottom, as long as you have a tooth on each side of the missing tooth.