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20% Off - Limited time only
20% Off - Limited time only

Temptooth is...

The #1 Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product

We invented the DIY tooth replacement product and our process is patented

Temptooth Lets you Smile Again!

Need to replace a missing tooth and can't afford the cost of a dentist?

Say “maybe later” to your dentist’s high tooth implant cost. Temptooth is a tried and tested fake tooth solution that can postpone the dental implant process until the financial time is right.

Safe and effective, Temptooth is an affordable at-home false tooth kit.

This temporary tooth kit can be used repeatedly for up to 10 fake teeth.

Endorsed by Shark Tank's original Shark, Kevin Harrington

Result guaranteed, or your money back

 If you are not completely satisfied with Temptooth, return it within 30 days from purchase for a refund. 

What people say

I can talk again without a empty space in my mouth.

Oh my goodness. I'm so glad for a product like TEMPTOOTH. I really can't afford to go to the Dentist right now.

So with TEMPTOOTH I can still smile until I get to the Dentist.

Thank you TEMPTOOTH, you saved many embarrassing moments.

- Pattite McCarthy

Wow, I love it. For the first time in 10 yrs I can smile again without feeling so embarrassed. My kids are always asking why there isn't many photos of me with them coz I didn't like my photo taken because of my missing teeth. Now I can't wait to start snapping away with the camera and smiling. I am so happy thank you so very much!.

- Wendy, New Zealand

I have received the package and I have to tell you that your product is the BEST THING THERE IS!!!!! Really easy to make and the instructions on the CD where very helpful.  I am starting my new life!!!!

- Mery, Toronto, Canada

This is too funny, I actually made my own tooth that fits better than the partial that my dog ate and it pops right into place, and it cost me just 29.95. Your product is awesome...

- Shawn M., Palmyra, NY