bf2b61d1d82def07011a79e421286048.jpgTemptooth is the #1 do it yourself tooth replacement product.  We invented the product and have a patent on the process (instructions) for making your tooth.  If you see any other DIY single tooth replacement product, it's a copy cat, and they can't use our patented instructions.

Temptooth has been available since November, 2009.  However, it has actually been in use for more than 15 years.  It is safe, non toxic, and biodegradable.

The Temptooth material has been independently tested by an independent third party testing laboratory and found to be safe for oral use.  

We have sold tens of thousands of our kits, have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, and 4 stars on
Temptooth's purpose is to provide a safe, do it yourself, temporary tooth replacement process, for those missing a single tooth, who temporarily can't afford the cost of a permanent tooth by their dentist.


0455190d5ff7a6238b0ebdf33bede739.jpgYOU RECEIVE: Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit 

  • Safe, tooth replacement material to create approximately 10 teeth.

  • Easy to follow instructions on an instructional  color brochure, plus a protected web address to view a 3D animated video on how to make your tooth.

  • Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied   



"This is amazing. There is nothing like it anywhere as far as I could find--and I searched and searched. The guy who invented this is a genius--the big dark hole in my smile is gone.  If you are missing a tooth, don't think twice about trying this product..and so inexpensive!"
-George M. Los Angeles Ca.

"Have just received the product. Within 15 minutes I had a replacement tooth. So easy to do. I just wish I had found your product a few months ago! The best few quid I've ever spent."
- Lee C. Lancashire, England

"Just wanted to tell you that I made my tooth and it sure looks good. I will say this, this is some amazing stuff. You can temporarily fill gaps left by a single missing tooth using Temptooth.I will definitely be in touch if I need some more."
- Kathy R. Mitchum, Surrey, England


Dental Tools

Risk-free, money back guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with temptooth, return it within 30 days from purchase for a full refund (less shipping).

Temptooth is a fake tooth solution used by tens of thousands to temporarily postpone the tooth implant cost.


Free dental tools consisting of tweezers, mirror and scraper, made of high grade German stainless steel are included. This is our gift to our customers for purchasing.


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