Temporary Tooth Replacement Product

"Just wanted you to know that my package arrived this morning and your product looks GREAT!.  I'm so pleased with the results.  I'm a flight attendant so it's great to smile again!" 
- Gayle, Cressona, Pa.

 Temp Teeth Before and After

 "After a couple of tries, I made the perfect tooth...used a little tea for a realistic colour match and man who is in Afghanistan for another 4 weeks...cannot wait to flash a new smile when he arrives home now!!! No gap anymore!!! Love it!"
- Kay W. London, United Kingdom.

 Temptooth Review  "This stuff is amazing..There is nothing like it anywhere as far as I could find--and I've searched.  The dark dark hole in my smile is gone!"  
-Shirley. Los Angeles.Ca.
 Temptooth Replacement Kit

 "Wow, I love it. For the first time in 10 yrs I can smile again without feeling so embarrassed. My kids are always asking why there isn't many photos of me with them coz I didn't like my photo taken because of my missing teeth. Now I can't wait to start snapping away with the camera and smiling. I am so happy thank you so very much!". 
- Wendy, New Zealand

 DIY Temporary Tooth Replacement

"Have just received the product.  Within 15 minutes I had a replacement tooth.  So easy to do.  I just wish I had found your product a few months ago! The best few quid I've ever spent."   

- Lee C. Lancashire, England

 Single Tooth Replacement

"This product is truly amazing-and a life saver!  I am using it until I can have my implant done for my 2nd to last upper back tooth-and am finally able to laugh without thinking about it. You are a genius for coming up with this..and I thank you!  

- Stephanie,  Essex, Ma.

 Temporary Tooth Replacement Product

 "I have received the package and I have to tell you that your product is the BEST THING THERE IS!!!!! Really easy to make and the instructions on the CD where very helpful.  I am starting my new life!!!!" 

- Mery, Toronto, Canada 


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Buy Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit

 "First off, let me thank you. This product is truly a life saver. Last week when my crown came out, post and all, I was at my wits end. At the dental college they told me I needed extensive and expensive oral surgery and any temp they put in would not last long enough to be worth the expense. I am a waiter so I am very much in the public eye at work and had no clue what I was going to do until the dental work could begin in July. I saw your ad and was very doubtful but took the gamble that it might somehow hide the hole in my mouth. It came the day after I ordered it and in less than an hour I had my smile back. Amazing stuff! It actually looks better than the crown I lost. Thanks again."
-Tim, San Francisco, CA.

 Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit  "Your product is awesome and a lifesaver!!!  It took me a few times to mold it but after that it was as easy as 123!!! Very easy instructions to follow...Am so glad I found this product on line!!!!"  -Sent from Wireless Blackberry, A Brown, Las Vegas.
 Single Tooth Replacement  "This product has helped me get my life back, Literally! After avoiding going pretty much anywhere for a few years now, and not being able afford to replace broken veneers...I was avoiding the looks that were maybe not fair, but never the less people can be very judgmental! You have taken away the pain and fear I was avoiding! Out of the house and smiling for the first time in years! Thank you so much for this product it made my broken veneers look great, I made a fairly thin overlay and wanted to share my results with anyone who may want to do the same for themselves. It truly has blessed my life."  
- Tracy T., Moline, Illinois
 Temporary Missing Tooth Replacement Kit  "This is too funny, I actually made my own tooth that fits better than the partial that my dog ate and it pops right into place and it cost me just 29.95. Your product is awesome..."   
- Shawn M., Palmyra, NY