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Temptooth Kit (Single Kit)

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 Temptooth enables you to make a temporary tooth in the privacy of your own home. An easy process where you custom make your own tooth by following our patent pending instructions.  Temptooth is removable and should "snap" into place.  Lasts for months.

  • Easy to do, with step by step, patent pending instructions.
  • You simply heat the material, it softens, and you make the tooth.
  • Material is safe, non toxic, and biodegradable. 
  • No special tools or equipment required.
  • Most customers create a new tooth in a matter of minutes.
Temptooth Product
 Tooth Making Method
 Includes Material And Detailed Instructions
You Receive:
  • Safe, tooth replacement material to create approximately 10 teeth.
  • Easy to follow instructions on an instructional  color brochure, plus a protected web address to view a 3D animated video on how to make your tooth. 

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  1. best thing ever 5 Star Review

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    I absolutely love temp tooth, I'm so comfortable smiling again Thank you.

  2. Instant Smile 5 Star Review

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    This is the 3rd time I ordered, however this time, What a improvement! from the box it came in, not to mention all the instruments included. A real bargain! for the amount I paid was well worth it and then more!

  3. Life Saver 5 Star Review

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    When I accidentally flushed my too in my front tooth at that which was a partial denture I almost died I panicked I was screaming all over that place when I finally come down I went online to find something temporary because it takes about 30 days for my dentist to make another one for me I did not have any saved money and I needed something quick I am a female fairly Vain and I don't even know how to not smile when I'm in public so I decided to go online I found temptooth it was very affordable I ordered it on the Sunday I got it on Tuesday afternoon I was excited I had already read up on how to make the product I want it to be ready when I received it mind you I had locked myself in the house for the few days that I was waiting for it to arrive in fear that someone would see me so what I received it it literally took me one or two tries and I was able to perfectly complete my temporary tooth I colored it with coffee to give it a stain so that it wasn't so white I immediately took before and after pictures of course I discarded the divorce and I sent it to my daughters that live in other states as they could not even tell the difference difference thank you so much I would recommend this to anybody that's looking for a quick solution for a temporary fix from any sort of broken unsightly teeth in their mouth and it also gives you extra so you can always use it again or even if you have someone that you know that has an emergency and you can definitely carry it around in your purse or whatever it takes literally 5 minutes to make and yes I would definitely recommend this to anyone thank you so much temptooth you saved my life.

  4. works 5 Star Review

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    Pretty easy to use. It worked so good I had a heck of a time getting it out of my mouth it fit so good. Haven't tried to eat with it yet but it sure hides the hole in my teeth. My girl friend will be pleased.

  5. works fine 5 Star Review

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    I broke a bridge, and the gap is more than two teeth wide. Temptooth worked very well, and I am still using my first attempt. Up close, of course you can tell, but I can speak and smile without that noticeable black void. Replacing the bridge will cost $3000.00, so I am quite happy for now. Thanks.

  6. Skeptical 5 Star Review

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    I was skeptical about this product, but found it to be the real deal. Easy to follow instructions. On the first try I fashioned a comfortable secure real looking tooth. My dentist said it will take 4-6 weeks to be fitted for a partial. I am so pleased with this product because I can smile with confidence until a more permanent tooth is provided.

  7. Turning yellow 4 Star Review

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    The product is good but I find it turns Yellow very quickly.

  8. "I look like a hockey player" 3 Star Review

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    I've never succeeded in making temptooth to look even remotely close to a real tooth. However; it's a quick and effective solution to disguising space left from a missing tooth. While you may still have to hide your smile when out in public you won't feel like a movie character from a film known as "Deliverence"

  9. Excellent product, works as advertised 5 Star Review

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    Works great as a temporary tooth replacement. Product works as well as advertised. I would highly reccomend this to my friends and anyone else.

  10. Very great 5 Star Review

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    Love it but need to work on tooth made

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